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Our Story

Reading Rocks was founded in 2012 by Bruce and Sue Carlson in memory of their granddaughter, Kealey, who was killed in a car accident at the age of seven. For two and a half years the Carlsons, along with many others, helped area students excel in reading, language arts, and math. In 2014, the Carlsons moved out of the state and the program folded. After Bruce’s death, Sue returned home to launch Reading Rocks with new, updated curriculum and materials. Many positive changes have been and are continuing to be made to extend our reach into our community. 

What is Reading Rocks?

Reading Rocks is a FREE after school and summer tutoring program for all students in Menard County. The mission of Reading Rocks is to provide a positive, fun environment for reading, language arts, and math development in young children. Each student receives individualized attention by working with a qualified tutor for 90 minutes, twice a week. Curriculums are also based on the individual needs and interests of the students and follow Common Core Learning Standards. Students learn through play, games, movement, workbooks and so much more.  Our goal at Reading Rocks is to provide every struggling child with the opportunity for one-on-one learning, adapt to their needs, nurture them, and have fun in order to help them succeed.

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