Made up of member-elected Elders, the Session is our church's governing body which oversees business and financial affairs and concerns.  Elders are the spiritual leaders of the church and oversee the various committees of the church, including Administrative, Christian Education, Membership, Mission/Outreach, Nominating, Personnel, and Worship. 

The Deacons serve as the shepherds of the congregation, providing compassionate care to their flocks.  Their goal is to help the congregation communicate and connect - - to each other, to our community, and to God.


Class of 2019 

     *  Rebecca Rowe

     *  Alice Studzinski

     *  Brian Satorius

Class of 2020

     *  Patrik Claussen

     *  Jane Stephenson, Clerk

Class of 2021

     *  Rich Ford

     *  Steve Territo

Interim Pastor

Diane Ludington

I am honored to be bringing the Gospel message weekly and working with the congregation to discover God's specific call for Central Presbyterian Church.

Class of 2019

     *  Camilla Long, Chair

     *  Barb Sampson

     *  Jim Satorius

Class of 2020

     *  Cindy Godbey

     *  Linda Williams

     *  Janet Scheina

Class of 2021

     *  Chris Ford

     *  Ron Sanert



*  Linda Claussen, Administrative Assistant &

     Financial Secretary

*  Mark Goeringer, Maintenance Engineer

*  Rich Ford, Director of Music

*  Emma Lou Denton, Church Organist


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